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Powerful and Revelation Filled, Christian Books By Emeke Odili, You Can Take Advantage of For Your Spiritual Growth and Unparalleled Success In All Facet Of Life

Discover The Biblical Secrets for Unparalleled Success in Life: Now and In Eternity

The world has a general notion of success, which is quite different from the meaning of success in the kingdom of God. However, worldly success is at best, temporal and corruptible. And sadly, many Christ believers have also been deluded on the true meaning of success in God’s kingdom. And as such, they have been making frantic efforts, chasing the shadows—instead of the substance… Click Here to Order Your Copy Now!

“ Who Else Wants to Discover The Eternal Secrets of Obtaining Absolute Righteousness In Christ Jesus, That Confers Mastery Over Every Form of Sin and Sinful Habits?”

Christians are on two polar extremes concerning the topic of righteousness. On one extreme, are those who struggle to obtain the righteousness of God by their personal efforts and deeds. Then on the other extreme are those who profess the righteousness of Christ without its reflection in their lifestyle. As a way of addressing this misnomer in the body of Christ, Emeke Odili scripturally unveils the acceptable approach to the righteousness in Christ Jesus, which is the Righteousness of Faith… Click Here to Order Your Copy Now!

you are rich

“Every Believer In Christ Jesus is Rich—But Many Don’t Know”

While the divine prosperity doctrine, as well as other scriptural doctrines has been greatly abused, several proof scriptures show clearly that every believer in Christ Jesus is rich by divine heritage. In this priceless book, Emeke Odili scripturally proves the truth that every believer in Christ Jesus is rich. After establishing that very truth, he goes on to expound the meaning of the ‘mammon of unrighteousness’ and ‘The True Riches’ as stated in the scriptures by the Lord Jesus. After expounding on those two scriptural concepts, he reveals the biblical secrets on how to access them now for life and godliness. Then finally, he also scripturally reveals God’s purpose for giving riches to his children. In summary, this book thoroughly reveals to you the biblical access keys to divine wealth in Christ Jesus, for life and godliness…Click Here to Order Your Copy Now!


“God Had Already Given Us His Best Gift, But Many Don’t Know!”

By the love of God, he gave his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to save the entire world from damnation. Then by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, he prayed the Father God, to give us his best gift, in the person of the Holy Spirit, which he granted…
And since the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit on believers, on the day of Pentecost, he has remained here on earth, dwelling in believers and bringing the heavenly, abundant life, to practical reality in their lives.
But regardless, many believers still fall so short of the glorious ministry of the Holy Spirit in their lives, due to ignorance…

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