“Delivered From The Spirit of Depression”[Testimony]


“Delivered From The Spirit of Depression”

Last week Wednesday after our midweek teaching service, one of our members demanded for me to counsel her. Because according to her, she was deeply depressed and despondent. She related to me that she was so cast down to the extent of doubting the existence of God; in spite of her many years of Christianity. According to her, all manners of evil thoughts flooded her mind, that she even got so angry with life and her very existence; that she even contemplated suicide to end it all…

 After listening to her, because of how hopeless she sounded, I had to ask God to help me counsel and help her. So by God’s grace I counseled her; and as I counseled her, I discovered she wasn’t getting encouraged;  so after telling her what God put in my heart to tell her, I laid my hand on her and prayed for her and commanded the spirit of heaviness and depression to come out of her. After praying for her, she went home still melancholic and even weeping.

Then during our midweek teaching service yesterday, during the testimony time, she testified that after the counselling and prayer section, as she slept and woke up the next morning, being Thursday, she discovered that the mountainous burden has been supernaturally lifted by God.  And her heart was flooded with an unusual kind of joy that she had never experienced before. And even as she shared her testimony, she was still full of that heavenly, unspeakable joy. To God alone be all the Glory!

 “As you read this testimony, if there be any form of burden or depression in your heart, I command it to be supernaturally lifted from you right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

“I command that spirit of depression to come out of you right now, by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

“Receive the oil of joy for every spirit of heaviness in your heart right now in Jesus Name!”

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Emeke Odili