“Make Boast of The Power In You [My Testimony]”

Some months back, as I boarded a commercial vehicle, travelling to a nearby city to the city I currently reside in, I and some of the fellow passengers got discussing about spiritual and religious beliefs…

While we discussed, an elderly woman of about 70 years old, who claimed to be a believer in Christ and even the mother of a Pastor, was seriously preaching and supporting an anti-christian belief about re-incarnation which I objected to.

From our argument about the wrong belief, the discussion eventually led to a point when most of the co-passengers, including the elderly woman, concluded that Christianity is the same as many other religions. I objected and told them that Christianity was different from other religious beliefs…

I defended my point with the fact that Christian beliefs are documented in the bible and confirmed or witnessed by the Holy Spirit in the believers. As I said that, one of the debaters countered my point by saying that other religions also have their books and spirits that speak to them as well.

When he said that, I virtually lost any other reasonable point to continue with the argument. Then suddenly, I received a word of wisdom from the Holy Spirit concerning the encounter of Moses with Pharaoh in Egypt…

 So I told them, that even if they believed that every belief system is the same, If the God of one of the religions, as they believed, is proven to be the strongest and greatest of all, just like the God of Israel proved to be the greatest in the land of Egypt through Moses, then it is crystal clear that He is superior to the rest.

When I said that, I knew they may still have other objections. I knew they may want to contest the truthfulness of scriptural accounts. So in order to buttress my point beyond reasonable doubt, I challenged everybody in the vehicle, that if anyone thought  they had other power greater than the power of Jesus, they were free to come after me for a spiritual power show down; in order to decide whose God is the most high. And consequently, which is the true religious belief.

With that my daring boast of God’s power in me, I was able to win the argument, and one of the debaters even ended up asking me the name of the Church I worship so he could come and join us.  Apart from the encounter I just narrated above, for years since I became a Christian, I had been making such daring boasts in the power of God at work in me with victory all the time.

So if you are truly a believer in Christ Jesus, you must realize that you have the exceeding great power of God at work in you (see Ephesians 1:19; 3:20; Luke 10:19; 2 Timothy 1:7).

And as occasion serves you, you should be bold to make your boast of the mighty power of God in you without any iota of fear.  And as you do that, God will always certainly show himself strong on your behalf, even when you are not aware of the attacks of the wicked ones in your life. Because your boasting or glorying in the power of God, delights God (see Jeremiah 9:23-24).

I pray for you right now, that by the power of the Holy Ghost at work in you as a believer, no weapon formed against you and any member of your family shall ever prosper in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I declare you an eternal champion over every power of darkness by the mighty power of God at work in you in Jesus Name!

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Emeke Odili